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Longwood Special Education PTA
Longwood Special Education PTA

The CSE chairperson, upon receipt of a referral for initial evaluation, records the date the referral was received by the Committee chairperson or the building administrator, whichever is earlier. If received by the building administrator, it is immediately forward it to the Committee chairperson. If received by the committee chairperson, a copy is forwarded a copy to the building administrator within five school days.

The CSE, including the parent of the student, reviews existing evaluation information on the student to determine what, if any, existing evaluation information is current and appropriate to meet the requirements for an initial individual evaluation for this student. Document the process to obtain the input of the CSE in the determination of data.

The CSE chairperson immediately sends prior notice to the parent of the student.


        If parental consent is not received, the CSE:

       Informs the parent that, upon request, the parent may attend an informal conference with the committee or designated professionals most familiar with the proposed evaluation so the parent may ask questions about the proposed evaluation. If, at this meeting, the parent and the person initiating the referral agree in writing that the referral is not warranted the referral shall be withdrawn.

       If the parent does not request or attend such a conference, or continues to withhold consent for evaluation for 30 calendar days after the date of receipt of the referral, the school must initiate an impartial hearing to determine if the evaluation should be conducted without parental consent.


Upon receipt of parental consent, the school conducts the evaluations determined necessary.

Either prior to or at the CSE meeting, the school shares the results of the evaluation with the parent.

The CSE chairperson sends a meeting notice to the parent.

The CSE conducts a meeting to review evaluation information, determine eligibility and, if appropriate, develop the IEP.


The CSE sends prior notice of the recommendation to the parent.

       Provide a copy of the evaluation report and documentation of the determination of eligibility to the parent.

       Provide a copy of the IEP to the parent.

The CSE forwards the recommendation to the board of education.

   The board of education provides notice to the parent when it takes action.

Re-evaluations include any individualized assessments, similar to those conducted as part of the initial evaluation of a child, and any new assessments not part of the review of the IEP.

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